Globalisation And Globalization

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Globalization suggests the foundational of nationalistic perspectives to a wider platform of interdependency of global countries with free transmission of capital, goods, and services athwart national boundaries. Globalization has its positive and negative effects on culture. This essay will analyse the ways in which globalisation may be affecting cultural diversity and ways in which it is instrumental to cultural diversity. It will also examine what globalisation is now and what it was meant to be. Culture is

As globalisation is entailed at promoting primarily the economic growth and development of the globe, one may then question how it then diminishes cultural diversity. Because there is very thin line between globalisation and westernization, their principles are the same or similar. Globalization is an aspect that is affecting all subjects in the school of social sciences from political science to anthropology. As a result, it is examined vastly. With so much interdependency and mobility, cultures and traditions are at risk of being altered by the standards and the social pressure brought forth by core countries to semi-peripheral and peripheral countries. Because America is a first world county, this is to say that they are industrially ahead of most if not all the countries. This is effective in the sense that Europe has thus set the standards for the rest of the world to follow. The second and third world countries work
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