Globalisation And Globalization Of Football

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Ever since the late 1900s, advance on TV, satellites, communication network among global football clubs, and the transfer market led to a boom of transfer of foreign football players to the English Premier League. From the fact that 69% of the player playing in the English Premier League are non-British football players, it is easy to see ho global English football has become. This is globalization of football, which is the main topic of this paper. Based on McGovern’s definition, globalization in football is players from all around the world forming a team of unity. (25) Although players are come from regions of different cultures and ethnicities, as long as they come to England and play football as a team. This is globalization, and it is what made the English Premier League the strongest and most competitive league in the world. (Gomez 22)

However, globalization has not occurred since the beginning of English football. When foreigners first came to England, British media pictured them as evil and created sense of xenophobia among English football community. However, as football became a huge economic business since the late 1990s, British media has changed its stance and stood by foreigners in order to prevent fans from leaving the club’s fan club for an economic purpose. (Thibault 10)

In this essay, I have investigated how the British media has dealt with describing British and non-British footballers today, and why that had to be done. My research question is as

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