Globalisation And Its Effect And The Effects Of Globalization And Its Effect

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Globalization and Its Effect The effect of globalization very much related with people’s life and nature for last four or five decades. Since the globe come to one Sigle place with the growth of transportation and information communication technology (ICT) the movement of people and idea increase. The multinational corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations able to access different graphical locations for investment, market and cultural integration. Such development motivates peoples to move place to place for better life and corporations invest in different land. But this, movement of people and international corporation affects peoples and nature. For example, Mexican migrants cross the desert to reach United states border for a better life and Firestone tire company investment in Liberia and creates difficult conditions on its workers. However, can the damage have caused by globalization avoidable or reduced? This question should get an answer for a better future. The United States and Mexican share 1951 miles border from California to Texas, and this is the busiest border in the world. Every year nearly 800,000 illegal migrants crossing trough this border. Since, the characteristics of globalization are the removal of barrier for free trade, economic integration among different countries. (Kritz and Zlotnik, 1992). The economic advancement of the US and the job market attracted the neighboring citizens to flee increasingly trough the porous borders.

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