Globalisation And Tourism's Influences In The Process Of Globalization

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Introduction Tourism has been a major influences in the process of globalization. “The tourism industry is regarded as one of the biggest sector in the world generating an estimated 11% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) and employing 200 million people and serving 700 million tourists worldwide- a figure which is expected to double by the year 2020” (Maswera et al, 2009, p.12). Cohen (2012) mentions that globalization has allowed the global push of tourism to spread to the non- Western world. The process of globalisation has contributed to the establishment of transportation systems in order to attract tourist to access remote destinations. According to UNTWO 2015, the industry has become one the main players in international trading as well as the main income sources for many developing countries. For example international tourism gives $US 1.5 billion to the global trade being 30% of the world’s service exports, with 45 % of the shares going to LDC’s. Likewise to this tourism is one of the most key areas that globalization affects.…show more content…
The author will be directing her study on Globalisation and tourism and the impacts it has towards the developing world. Just as discussed above it is clear that the non-Western world are playing an increasingly prominent role in this growing sector. Therefore the author will expand and examine the impacts of globalisation in Sub Saharan Africa. This paper will later look into topics such as Sub Saharan Africa tourism etc. this topic was chosen as a result of developing an interest after researching a similar theme in her developing countries module. In addition by studying this area it will enhance her knowledge on the issues surrounding the

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