Globalization Challenges State Sovereignty

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To what extent the globalisation challenges the state sovereignty?

The conditions and situations that have existed in the international relations, such as trade, cooperation, confrontation and alliances have always played a huge role in the determination of the state’s politics and behavior. However, due to the technological and financial development performing from the end of the World War II, the declaration of independence of the former colonies and the end of the confrontation with the end of the Cold War the affect of the interrelations among states on their domestic politics have become more dynamic over the past decades. Consequently, there have been emerged an idea that the interdependence and connections among states has a tendency
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That encounters the traditional idea of state power and concept of state sovereignty in the context of contemporary order in the international relations. While some scholars insist that the globalization has eliminated the state sovereignty, the others stick to the idea that the sovereignty has only modified due to the influence of the globalization and the discussion about the end of the state sovereignty are exaggerated. Therefore, the explanation of the state sovereignty is the one of the main issues of the agenda about challenges brought by phenomenon called…show more content…
That approach suggests that the reduction of the geographical and economic constraints leads to the intensified human interaction in a worldwide scale regardless to the fact of the distance. As a result, it comes to the Giddens’ view of globalization that the local happenings in one part of the world can be simply the reflection of the events occurred in another part of the world. The other theme in the sociological approach is that the globalization caused by different incentives intensifies the process through which the transnational actors with varied aims, identities, power gain influence in the domestic policies of the states, and thus undermines the national states. Besides that, David Held highlights the transformative power of globalization, in other terms the altering of all aspects of social life due to the global interconnectedness presented at the level that have never been observed in the
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