Globalization: An Example Of Expansion In International Business And Strategies

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Case Study on “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & STRATEGIES” Submitted by: Somila Koirala Iau ID: 102231 Kings College International American University Loss angles, California, USA BUS 700 MBA CAPSTONE APRIL 2015 Overview and Challenges Every organization is established with the objectives of achieving goals and meeting its core business objectives. It 's more challenging for a small business because it is difficult in managing the process. There are multiple examples where business fails when not meeting the operations and performance. There are many factors which play vital role in business to be successful i.e. good vision, mission, leadership, resources, strategies and its formulation and implementation, effective management system whereas, highly motivated and dedicated employees are also a key for a success business. Lacking of any of these factors may hamper the core business objectives. Creating customer value or being customer centric is another key function of smooth business. These factors are very important for driving an organization to survive, grow, earn profit, meet its objectives and gain high market share to create brand value in market. Company which has a strong brand value and vision will be able to expand its business from domestic to foreign market. Globalization is an example of expansion in global market in international business. Growth strategy is needed for international business. bEHIND many reason and business objective a company

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