Globalization And Gender Equality

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Globalization is the process of the world interconnecting, and as a result of that the boundaries between countries decreases. Gender equality has changed because of the diffusing force of globalization. Gender equality is being aware of the rights and opportunities of both the male and female gender and applying these rights in the community. This essay will discuss the reasons to why globalization has a positive effect on gender equality in terms of cultural norms, education and legislation, and how that changed gender roles, stereotypes and expectations. Globalization has influenced cultural norms, beliefs and values, which made countries develop more egalitarian views (The World Bank, 2011, p. 267). Culture shapes a person’s attitude, behavior, ideas, values and customs. Culture norms sets women’s roles in society and can sometimes stop them from the freedom of choice. Globalization, aided by systems of communication, influenced societal views towards women positively. An example of this is the numbers of girls studying aboard. Countries with stronger cultural norms did not allow girls to study at overseas universities. However, due to globalization, families’ point of views changed and they became more enlightened with the idea of girls traveling aboard because girls have proved to be independent and capable. According to UAE Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (2008), “Of the 278 national students graduating from overseas universities in 2007/2008,
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