Globalization And Globalization

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Businesses nowadays must recognize that their success depends on efficiency and scalability – being able to quickly mobilize global resources and reach the world markets. Globalization has become the key to growing businesses in the twenty-first century.
Globalization is the increasing integration and interdependence among countries resulting from the modern flow of people, trade, finance and ideas from one nation to another. The World Bank, a strong supporter of globalization, defines it as, "the growing integration of economies and societies around the world." (Mukherjee, 2008). Globalization became an increasingly used term with technological innovations-most significantly the World Wide Web or Internet- that made financial transactions and recordkeeping of international shipments quicker and easier.
Thomas L. Friedman (2005) describes the "flattening" of the world economy through globalized trade, outsourcing, supply-chaining and political liberalization. The use of technologies allows businesses, such as large multi-national corporations, to maintain customers, suppliers and even competitors on a world-wide basis. The breakdown of businesses into components along its value-chain creates opportunities for multiple businesses located at various spots on the globe to participate in the production of a single good or service.
Delivering Asia Communications (DAC) is a full service communications agency established in Bangkok since 2006, defines how globalization
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