Globalization And Industrialization

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Norberg-Hodge discusses about the issues relating to the increase of globalization and industrialization that creates today’s food system. Because of globalization and industrialization, it is setting the tone of farming into more of an operational business that puts multiple things at risk such as one’s health, relationships with the community, and the environment. We as consumers are faced with two paths to choose from. You are either going choose the path that was created by the government and big companies such as Monsanto or Tyson Foods which results into an increase in globalization. In response, the distance from the produce to the consumer will rapidly increase as time goes. Such that consumers unknowingly are purchasing produce from the supermarket that probably has not been in the same state a few weeks ago. As for the other path, small local farmers are trying to rebuild the relationship and practice that their ancestors have done for thousands of years ago. Where the distance from produce to consumer is shortened immensely.

The path that is endorsed by big companies, the usage of herbicides and pesticides allows big companies to mast produce and ship the goods at such a low price. Because of the high food mileage, “food and industrialization isolates nature’s processes and from the countryside where their food is produced.” (Norberg-Hodge.2) Industrialization gives the consumer the ability to purchase goods year round when typically, they would be out of
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