Globalization And Its Impact On The World

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Globalization is a complex daily process, occurring all over the world amongst different people, companies, and governments. While the definition of globalization has been relatively new, the actual process has been around for hundreds ' of years. The globalization process is complex to understand, but it occurs daily, and while it may have many benefits, it also has a multitude of drawbacks that affect the daily lives of everyone. "Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations... " (What Is Globalization? | Globalization101, n.d.) These interactions and integrations include the exchange of ideas, cultures, commodities, and political activities and occurrences. Looking back in history one can see that these types of exchanges have been occurring for hundreds and hundreds of years. One example is when European Nations traveled to the Americas and began to exchange goods and ideas with the Native Americans. In the end, Europeans began to settle in the Americas and exchanged ideas in order to survive in their new home. The way to build homes, plant crops, and make clothing was taught to the settlers by the Natives in order to allow them to survive. Settlers tried to civilize Natives, they tried to teach them religion and attempted to find ways to communicate. As time passed technology for travel improved, this allowed people to travel more easily, quickly, and at a lesser cost than ever before,

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