Globalization And Localization In International Marketing

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Abstract: The primary purpose of advertising is to convert a potential customer into a buying customer for the company 's product or a to respond in the way that advertiser desires to stimulate the targeted audience. Any marketing campaign involves advertising which is integrated with several communication processes across various channels.
To gain an entry in a foreign market, a company adopts the style of international marketing. A successful international marketing involves a strategy of quick adaption, management, and designing of a marketing campaign in a foreign territory.
Every foreign market is bound to cultural differences. A company must ensure that its advertising must be sensitive to the cultural differences of the market. Design
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Glocalization, Marketing, International Marketing, Advertising Management, Design & Development

Objectives of the study/Paper:.
• Study the sensitivity of international markets and how developing different marketing mixes for products is mandatory for any company while expanding its overseas presence.
• Study the overview of effective advertising and design principles to constitute any marketing campaign.
• Study how poor study of regional and cultural differences of the market can cause negative impact over the company’s
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This conflict of globalization and localization lead to the idea of “Glocalization” which encourages companies to “think global, act local”, which was achieved by using a global brand, while localizing certain products or services offered to suit a particular local market or region.

A glocal strategy standardizes certain core elements and localizes other elements. It is a compromise between global and local marketing strategies. Glocal marketing reflects both the ideal of pure global marketing strategy and also idea of the recognizing local issues of marketing channel. (Kotler, 2009).
To understand the ideas better suggested in this paper, the following table is used to point the differences in the terms globalization, localization and glocalization.
Globalization Localization Glocalization
Definition: “the tendency toward an international integration of goods, technology, information, labor, capital, or the process of making this integration” Definition: “the process of adapting a product or service to a particular culture, language, developing a local appeal and satisfying local needs” Definition: “providing a global offer (brand, idea, product, service, etc), while taking local related issues into account”
• Convergence in customer preferences and income across targeted countries or region’s economic
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