Globalization And Socio-Cultural Analysis

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The development of globalization has boosted the entrance of foreign cosmetics brands into Chinese market. If the foreign brands want to stand out among various cosmetics, the brand name translation (BNT) plays an important role in brand perception. From the perspective of linguistics, brand name is made up of the language forms with shared features of common words (Mu, 200). Different cultural backgrounds have different cultural connation and association. The BNT should consider the target-language culture, target consumers’ psychology and aesthetic habits (Wu, 2013:156).
Many scholars focus on the translation principles and criteria of brand name translation, while few scholars discuss the relationship between BNT and culture. Moreover, there are few papers focusing on how the diction of BNT reflects social characteristics from the view of socio-linguistics. The questions are:
1. What is the relation between BNT and socio-cultural factors?
2. What elements affect the diction of BNT?
3. What social characteristics can be reflected from the diction of BNT?
In this research, the purpose is to analyze the relationship between BNT and socio-cultural factors. Besides, how diction reflects social characteristics will be discussed. Concluding the socio-cultural factors of BNT can figure out the reasons why foreign brands are popular in China. Domestic brands can learn from the principles and strategies of BNT and then expand its international market.
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