Globalization And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Globalization is the process of intercontinental incorporation which arise from transaction of world views, products, ideas and aspect of culture advancing in transport and the exchange of information between two entities infrastructure include the rise of telegraph and its richness the internet which are the major factor of globalization generating a degree to which members of the group mutually depend on economic and cultural activities. Globalization have a natural advantage to the environment in that they can gain markets around the world which allows each country to entirely leverage its extraordinary expected benefit. This natural advantage allows a country in a specific geographical position to produce a particular product at lower price which is quality than others. Without international selling and buying of goods and services this…show more content…
Nowadays business have more freedom of movement whereby they move closer to the place of cheap inputs. It have also increased joint ventures and group of organization coming together with common goal of making profits and accessing the business to bigger markets and associate the cost advantage. Globalization have also led to multinational and multicultural management this is challenging in that the multinational business is more complex to manage compared to others it involves employment of people in various communities, backgrounds religion and cultures and different offices around the world. The employees may relate in quite different way to incentives motivational and it is very difficult to find manager who is very sensitive to these different matters it is very easy for this manager indivertibly give offence and demotivate
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