Globalization And Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

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Globalization Modern Day
The world has become more interconnected through international trade, politics and communication. In today’s modern world economics, environmental, social issues and problems is no longer limited to the national level because the world is now interdependent. Modern communication technology like radio, television, and telephones are global standard so that information can be dispersed worldwide. For example the cost of long distances phones calls have dropped significantly over the years. International television broadcasters deliver information, opinions and cultural products to some of the most remote areas. The cost of transporting goods has also dropped due to lower fuel prices. With less trade barriers the
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By no means am I implying that I agree with slavery but from it the many nations including the U.S. benefited from slavery. Make no mistake about it the U.S. would not be in center stage if it was not for the benefits it reaped from slavery. In fact there are companies in existence today that were the direct beneficiaries of slavery in fact many Ivy League schools including Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth benefited from slavery. The U.S. has benefited from slavery so much that the UN says the U.S. should give African-Americans reparations for their role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and slavery according to a New York Post article. The UN calls out the U.S. on not confronting its dark past of racial terrorism which has been largely fueled by the recent police killings. Reparations could come in a form of debt relief and a formal apology to the decedents of enslaved people. Reparations have been given to many others groups of people for example the Jews received reparations for the crimes that were committed against them during the Holocaust so it would be only right for African-American also be compensated. Let’s not to forget the aftermath of slavery like segregation, Jim Crow Era, and private prisons for profit where major corporations profited. The people who least likely to benefit from globalization as with slavery are the people on the bottom of the economic toting pole. Loss of domestic jobs, large margin in wealth, and cultures that once blended together are now lost due to globalization. In respect to the environment globalization has been the cause of environmental changes due to an increase of number of factories being built, increase in transportation of goods which contributes to the air and water
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