Globalization And Classroom Management Essay

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Many schools in Fiji have experienced on-going educational reform in response to impact of economic political and cultural forces (Limerick) Cunnington, $Crowther, 2012, Rizvi and ligand 2010) due to these few implementation on education reform in x school principals and teacher leaders have been confronted with new challenges and responsibility. A large numbers of researches (eg,Gurr,2008;Muijs &Harris 2008; Crowther, Ferguson, Ham,2009) which highlights on principal leadership and teacher leadership however research indicates that their interrelationship is still lacking. This study aims to explore the roles of leaders and challenges faced with strategies to improve
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It may encompass economic globalization, political globalization.
Cultural globalization and technological globalization. (Bottery 2006) the perspective of globalization are Economic globalization which has been regarded as the most influencial factor of globalization with far reaching effects. (Bottery, 2006a)
It is facilitated by unrestricted movement of finance. Moreover, increasing economic pressure have been pushing schools to seek sponsorship from society with the intent of achieving more competitive and effective outcomes (Henry & Taylor, 1997)
Political globalization upsell connected with economic globalization. It is forged by the transpiration of political power. It is also discrimination of political ideas. It is noteworthy that democratic concepts that have emerged within the globalization context have given impetus towards democratic changes and shift towards decentralization of power (sayeed, 2002) with regard to the impact of this such as implementation of school based management will be felt at the school level. As a result leaders, teacher leaders and teacher would be offered more opportunities to undertake responsibilities to implement education

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