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Book review of The Globalization Debate: A Case of Barking up the Wrong Tree by Mohd Nazari Ismail, PhD. The book provides a remarkable and deep analysis on the issues of globalization from various perspectives. The author sets out the major issues in the global economy and financial crisis around the world in a highly readable. The book is perfectly evidenced by clear examples and historical facts to attract the reader's’ interest and help them to understand the history of globalization better. The author starts by explaining the different definitions of globalisation that adds the complexity of the issues and sow confusion in the debates of globalisation. While the world is moving towards a more global economic system, there has been anti-globalisation movement in the West caused by the fast growing of low cost exporters in Asian countries. The book also addresses the consequences such as unemployment and environmental protection which caused various parties to be unfairly blamed. The book provokes the arguments of positive and negative effects of globalisation. The author draws an interesting example of Howard Dean’s presidential speech to substantiate the perplexity on globalisation to balance between low-priced…show more content…
The expansion of economy to global market must necessarily be accompanied by negative consequences, such as poverty, unless the globalisation process is slowed down. The book also attributes the result of globalisation such as the shifting of job from west to east, rising consumerism, work culture changes, shift in local cultures. The book used Asian financial crisis as a backdrop to analyse globalisation. The advancement of communications has resulted in strong financial linkage between countries. The contagious effect of financial crisis arise when enormous amount of money was moved electronically across borders that cause exchange rate

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