Globalization Effects On Dowry

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Effect of Globalization on Dowry

Abstract – This paper deals with the effect of globalization on dowry. This paper notified that dowry plays important role in create imbalance in the status of women and it affect to women mentally and physically. Lot of people are involve in the dowry system whether there are literate or illiterate. These types of violence affects lives of several women in the world.

Introduction – Dowry is defined as “any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly by one party to a marriage to the other party to the marriage or by the parents of either party to the marriage or to any other person at or before (or any other time after the marriage) in connection with the marriage
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Dowry is affected from globalization. Now, the definition of dowry is completely change. Dowry is refers to the wealth that bride’s parents must pay to the groom and his family. Dowry create discrimination with unmarried girl whose value is defined on the basis of prices of their dowry. Dowry demand not only in the form of cash but also in the form of televisions, refrigerators, motorcycles, and other vehicles. They also increase dowry after the marriage. Increase dowry mostly generate to increase groom and his family’s material wealth and rise their standard of living, so they give financial burden to the bride’s family. Demands for more dowry that very difficult to get from bride’s family, so that often create severe abuse and harassment of the young bride which end with her murder or suicide. This is the main reason why people get depressed at the birth of girl child. It is very common that groom and his family member to murder new bride because they think that dowry which given during the marriage was insufficient and it also become common that bride kill herself to spare her family for further difficulties. One women dies every hour due to dowry related reason in the country (The Times of India, 2013). According to national crime records bureau (NCRB), 7,618 dowry deaths reported in 2006. In 2007, 8,093 dowry related cases reported, followed 8,172 cases reported in 2008.8,233 dowry deaths reported in 2012 in various states.…show more content…
Most of time police do not register FIR (first information report). If sometime they get FIR then they do not register it because they get some money from boy’s parents. If they start to focus on any cases related to dowry then they do not get enough in formation and witness. Many people do not want to become witness because the character of police is not in the heart of people. After sometime police close the case with justice with girl.

Government and judiciary
Many laws has been passed by the government of India. Government passed a bill Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 for stopping dowry. This act modify in 1984 for making more powerful. Many other laws made by state and central government but the number of violence against is increase day by day and people are not aware about these laws. The delays of getting justice also main reason, so people do not want lodging FIR against groom and his family. Several cases are going on related to dowry for getting justice but no one knows, when they will get justice.
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