How Does Globalisation Affect Families

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The term Globalisation is a buzzword emerged in the 1990s and refers to trend of variety of political, social, Cultural consequences resulting from technological changes that are currently transforming the world. Many commentators however focus upon economic aspects upon economic aspects of Globalisation. Sociologist feel that though the economic content of`Globlisation cannot be neglected but its socio- cultural dimensions also requires emphasis. Sociologists argue that Globalisation refers to both the compression of the world and the indemnification of consciousness of the world as a whole. Due to the influence of modernisation and globalisation there has been definite change in the family structure and the original structure of the family…show more content…
02 shows, 58 percent respondents have enjoyed cordial relations with their family members. These respondents feel that even in this phase of change the mutual relations closeness in intact as there was in the past. It is possible because members have due respect for each other. Most of the respondents who have expressed this opinion are traditional and conventional in their thoughts and attitude. They do not agree of this change in the family relations because of the ongoing process of Globalisation. And 36 percent respondents expressed that they are having formal relation between the family members. They are not interest to interfere in others also. And 06 percent respondents are having sour relations among themselves. They don’t involve in any matters they r busy one or the other…show more content…
It is clear from the table that, there have been definite changes in the decision making and the status of the wife. Woman has gained importance in the present time compared to the past. In every sort of family decision. The role of woman and her decisions have become decisive and important. The cause of this has been the growing awareness among women for their rights and duties. In this mater majority 84 percent of the respondents have accepted that they take all the family decisions after discussing jointly. They are giving preference for the opinion of their wives. But 12 percent respondents opinion that they only take the decisions but they take consent and then take

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