Education: The Impact Of Globalization On Education

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Globalization can be understood as part of a modernization and westernization process via which a tendentious global transition from traditional to modern societies takes place (Varwick, 2004). Globalization being a process affected many chores and areas of life one of which is Education. In the present era developing countries witnessed a drastic positive growth and development in educational facilities and services all thanks to western institutions and its entry. But some people believe this aspect is a two edged sword as they believe it’s a priceless chance for people in developing countries to raise their standards and skills of education. While on the other hand some believe that its modern day’s cultural imperialism (Chinnammai, 2005)…show more content…
Currently education is becoming a lifelong learning and training process, developing transferable skills and knowledge that can be applied to competitive markets where knowledge and information is being traded as a commodity (Chinnammai, 2005).
Electronic literacy is a new form of technique used with the introduction of technology where instructors rely on technology to deliver their lectures. Teachers prepare the lectures in electronic form and students submit assignments, projects and papers in electronic form. Video projection screens, books with storage device servers and CD ROMs all these materials are used as substitutes for blackboards at the present time. Not only this exams and grades are also obtainable in electronic platforms. Last but not the least notebooks are replaced by laptops (Chinnammai, 2005). Also, students are nowadays tested through computer assisted learning programs and given homework which are to be solved in computer rather than attending the classes. Such developments clearly indicate that today’s society inclines more towards
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Therefore, it assures free education to all Emiratis at all levels. Globalization of education has brought both the positive and the negative along. The major benefits of having a globalized educational system in UAE is that it improved the choice and content of the programs offered in UAE. The government need an education system which creates a competent workforce, who is capable of doing the best globally. To recent times, Emirati students was sent abroad to continue their higher education with federal support. But by now the government reformed the higher education by infusing other universities to settle down in UAE. Which is an effective strategy to develop international and intercultural skill without leaving the state. Where by a large number of diverse universities started their campus and also number of private school with different curriculum started their operation within UAE. The choice of education diversity has tremendously increased over the

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