Globalization Impact On Nike

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Globalization is the process of increased interconnectedness among countries most notably in the areas of economics, politics, and culture. McDonald 's in Japan, French films being played in Minneapolis, and the United Nations, are all representations of globalization. The topic of globalization has become a hotly contested debate over the past two decades. In today’s marketplace conducting business internationally is as much of a defensive play as an offensive play. In examining the upside of going global, consider the sheer size of international markets as contrasted with the size of the domestic market and you will likely find that the majority of your potential customers live abroad. So if you could double, triple or quadruple your revenue…show more content…
Now consider the downside of not going global, if your company is not pursuing those customers your competition will be. As consumers continue to become more demanding and the world economy continues to flatten there will soon be an expectation that you be able to serve multiple markets in a seamless fashion. Being a slow adopter in today’s world could eventually damage your business. For example of a big business using globalization to full affect is NIKE, Nike has some 20,000 retailers worldwide including Nike factory stores, Nike stores, Nike Towns, Cole Haan stores, and websites which sell Nike 's sports and leisure product. Nike is the company which has 33% of the global market share in the athletic footwear industry. Nike uses IT in its marketing information systems very effectively. Nike applies marketing information system to the economics of innovation, segmentation and differentiation for most of the business. Nike is the leader of the market due to use of the extremely valuable information technology, and applying it to every aspect of the product from development to…show more content…
Competition leads to innovation. If you’re the only player in the field, it can be difficult to improve. And if you’re working in a crowded market, you won’t succeed by doing what everyone else does. Healthy competition encourages change which will distinguish your company from others through technology, products altercations or by improving the customer experience. In the business world today the customer is the most important person to please. Competition shakes off complacency. If your company is consistently trying to improve and innovate, your employees will be encouraged to push themselves. In the business world today , companies can get information and research about there competitors easily due to high level of technology and internet access. Seeing what your competitors can do can educate about how to be more successful. Their practices will give you valuable insight into the market and how to come out on top against your competitors. Technology in todays world gives you the option to do business across the globe, internet shopping has a huge effect on companies , most businesses get a lot of purchases online, this is a big impact on business today. Companies have a wider target market and customer range. An example of competition is Apple and its many competitors. Apple
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