Globalization In Hospitality Industry

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Abstract Research on the growth and challenges in hospitality for globalization provide a framework which the hospitality service sector can plan and implement strategies for success in a global environment. Top issue in this research is the development of global industry of new structure management that will influence by the operating and economic issues. Introduction The development of international economic combination and globalization has led to significant changes in hospitality industry. Therefore, it is necessary to stay on various aspects of globalization as the process influencing the current and future developments in hospitality industry. Hospitality customers increasingly seek predictable services that support their ability…show more content…
Meanwhile this marking is not internationally compatible because the rules set by the state or individual professional associations (Vavreková, 2007). The determination of the class of hotels in Malaysia is based on current legislation which ranks hotels to 5 classes from one star to five stars. United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) listed Malaysia as the 10th most visited country in 2012. Malaysia is rich with different natural attractions which become an asset to the country's tourism industry. This was recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), who declared Malaysia as "a destination full of unrealized potential" with the main strength as the availability of a vast range of diverse attractions to suit all tastes relatively affordable prices and largely unspoilt destination. For example, the tourist which travel to and stay in the hotel before would recommend the others tourist to stay in The Danna Langkawi which is best hotel in Malaysia. The Danna Langkawi has emerged as the number one hotel in the Top Hotels and Top Luxury Hotels categories in Malaysia, as well as number two in the Best Hotels for Service category and number three in the Best Hotels for Romance category in…show more content…
In an addition, hotels everywhere indicates that their community is overbuilt and cause there are too many available hospitality rooms to rent to the customer. In the result of competition, which often involves price cutting in effort to provide greater value to customers, educes still further the profits generated. Besides that, the globalization have impact the technology in the hospitality industry. The challenges of keeping up with the fast pace of technology is difficult and expensive (Wang, 2009). For example, the interactive reservation system enable the customers make reservation of room through online. The number of reservation made via the internet is increasing. The hospitality industry cannot afford not being connected because of the high percentage of online reservation. If the potential customer cannot online booking, a reservation will be made at competitor’s web

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