Globalization In Singapore

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YENSENBAM MARINA CHANU Rg. No. 66992, M.A. IRAS, SIS Submitted to- Dr. Sheetal Sharma (CES) Course- Globalisation, Social Change and Culture Topic-Globalisation and multiculturalism in Singapore  Introduction  How globalisation impacted the culture  History that lead to the emergence of the multi-culture  Language  Religion  Food  Their problems  Conclusion  References Introduction The city-state of Singapore is a small island located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, where variety of cultures merges together such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian. It is one of a good example of a country that embraces globalization. These four interwoven cultures have created a genuine blending of traditions, believes, and ideas. A fusion of cultures in which Singapore brought in, has created a multi-disciplinary notions and practices, rooted in many cultural traditions. This has altered and transforms the peoples ' way of life according to the local context. The bond between the diverse community and ethnicity in the Singapore society makes the country unique. It has become a subject of research when it comes to the multicultural life in this Asian country. The harmony between diverse races and cultures can also be considered apparently as one of the government’s success in implementing regulations or laws. In addition to these the Singapore Government also has a series of programmes involving various communities which are meant to
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