Positive Effects Of Globalization On Under-Developed Countries

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Different studies are held in the past to recognize the importance of globalization in the overall world, but most of the studies are held in the well-developed countries of the world they don’t know the overall condition. The main focus of our study is to recognize the effects of globalization on under developed countries of the world. When globalization take place it have positive effects on advanced countries but most of the developing countries feel difficulties. So, in this study we highlight the main factors that affect the developing countries at the time of globalization. For this study we take some articles from some data bases and take some journals from EuroJournals Publishing and Social Science Research Network etc. to get the accurate results. The finding of the research suggests that researcher should make new plans that help the developing countries to get the benefits of globalization and also take some steps for technology transfer.
Globalization is actually the means of communication and assimilation from the people, club, association and the ministry of community or population. It was the system provided by the international trade and investment and by the information technology. In the past early in 1990’s globalization seems to be very new term at the
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At the end we suggest that the impact of globalization on developing countries create many problems for them because when globalization take place advance countries of the world got the maximum benefit from it. The big issue is that developing countries faces major difficulties of technology advancement. So, we strongly suggest that the financial researcher should make strategies that help the under-developed countries to get the maximum benefit from globalization. Advance countries should transfer technology to other countries and help them to grow up

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