Globalization In The Philippines Essay

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This paper is written in the context of globalisation and informal settlements in Metro Manila. It discusses how the informal settlements face a competition for shelter with the wealthy class of the society because of the constant increase in land prices in the centre of the city. It makes two major arguments: the shelter crisis in developing countries is a major consequence of globalisation due to rising land values and increasing housing demands. And, the informal settlements created due to this are forgotten by the government, urban planners and policy-makers in the city. The author has tried to prove these two arguments by taking the case study of Metro Manila where the government’s only focus is to drive the export-oriented economy and attract a large sum of investment. And, how this focus has led to the neglect of the urban poor and their poor living conditions in the city.

The main aim of this paper was to understand that whether the emergence of informal settlements in the city is due to the consequences of the globalisation or is it due to the conscious negligence of the government towards this section of the society in the race of becoming ‘global cities’.

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It extends to the other informal settlements of different sectors of economy including factory workers, taxi drivers and many other small workers who is a part of Metro Manila by providing small scale services to the people of the city. These people also face a major problem in finding affordable shelter in the city, and they are displaced to the periphery areas which are remote to the city and their place of employment. The only difference between these two types of informal settlements is that unlike seawall informal settlements, these informal settlements do get noticed by the people living in the city and the government due to their spill over and public place of

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