Globalization Influence On Chinese Culture

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The Influence of Cultural Globalization on Chinese Culture As Yu(2008) says, globalization represents a worldwide transformation of historical significance. Based on worldwide economic integration, globalization is characterized by intrinsic, inseparable, and intensified interrelations across the globe. Apparently, during the process of globalization, Chinese community has been affected on every aspect strongly nowadays. China also has developed a lot under the process of globalization, especially in economy, politics, culture, etc. Speaking of Chinese culture, China is a country with an ancient civilization and a long history, and culture has always been an outstanding feature of its national strength.(Cheng, 2008) As far as Chinese culture…show more content…
Chinese culture is an independent culture system with its own national characteristics. As far as I know, Chinese culture has been injected lots of fresh energy, such as the new styles of wedding, kinds of western festivals are being more popular and so on. Globalization makes the whole world become much closer, which creates a good condition for Chinese culture to bring in and use the essence of all kinds of culture for reference. At the same time, China has also been eager to participate in the international community in various manners to strengthen its international standing and portray itself as a peaceful rising power.( Lee, F. F., Zhou, H., Chin-chuan, L., Wan-Ying, L., & Yao, M. 2009) Second, globalization makes it possible for Chinese culture to be melted in the global culture. Kwok Leung(2014) says that “Multinationals are icons of the globalization era, as foreign brands and businesses can be seen even in remote corners of the world.” With the development of transport, communication and Internet technology, the cooperation of different nations in different areas has been improved. We can easily contact our foreign friends or buy all kinds of overseas products without going there on our own. Chinese traditional culture is becoming…show more content…
Facing with the varieties of challenges brought by globalization nowadays, Chinese government has spent every effort to promote Chinese culture. Cheng(2008) defines cultural strength as “the locus of cultural vitality; that is, culture existing not as object (target) but rather as subject.” For the innovation of Chinese culture, and according to the work that Chinese government had done the recent days, our government advocated to inherit and carry forward the essence of Chinese culture, and as mentioned above, to bring in and use the essence of all kinds of culture for reference as well. Cheng(2008) also defines the essence of Chinese culture are on the one hand the tradition of Chinese culture and the locus of its quintessence, essence and vitality and, on the other hand, the future of world culture, and the place where Chinese culture can contribute to future world culture. We’re supposed to be more confident when facing with the intense challenge brought by globalization. Keeping the characteristic of Chinese culture is also necessary. The most important part is to keep our own national spirit. National spirit is the pillar of a country, and I consider it’s also the origin of its culture. For Chinese spirit, it includes aggressiveness, patriotism, dictation, and the spirit of innovation and so on. These are good things that need to be inherited and carried forward. As Cheng(2008) suggests, our

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