Globalization Is A Positive Force For The World Essay

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Globalization is a positive force for the world. Globalization also has a huge positive impact on the world’s economy. Allowing business to disrupt their products all around the world with ease. Globalization also allows people to experience different world cultures. Having Globalization supports free and better trade all over the globe. However, Globalization can have a negative effect on the world. Employment can decline in a globalized world, It can hurt nations economy, and If country’s cant function together it can create global strife. Globalization is a positive force for the world because it promotes free trade. In a globalized world, free trade is one of the main factors that contribute to globalization. Free trade promotes other nations to trade with each and allows for everyone to trade. Panos Mourdoukoutas from Forbes said “Business can communicate efficiently and effectively with their partners, suppliers, and customers and manage better their supplies, inventories, and distribution network. (Forbes)” Allowing for Golbaztion to flourish allows…show more content…
It can hurt nations economies, not improve them. It can lead to an employment decline. Panos Mourdoukoutas from Forbes “The bad side of globalization is also about tight credit, deleverage, and declining money flows across local and national boundaries, as creditors tighten credit to both good and bad borrowers, depressing aggregate demand. (Forbes)” When globalization exists companies can move their factories to different nations with fewer factory laws, it can lead to a downslide in that nation's employment. With less business in a country, the country can have a decline in money and jobs. When a nation tries to leave this cycle of unemployment and loss of money, they will try and raise tariffs. Raising traffic raising the demand of those nations’ products and thus raising the amount that it costs. It can also create a devaluation of a country

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