Globalization Negatives

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Nowadays, the world is getting closer, the gap between countries is shorter and shorter day by day, people all around the world have better chances to see the others, and the movement between different places is easier than itself 50 years ago. These are ones of the positive impacts of globalization, which also “increase[s] of trade around the world, especially by large companies producing and trading goods in many different countries.” (Cambridge for Advanced Learner Dictionary 7th Edition). Globalization not only creates opportunities, but also poses a lot of challenges for the whole world, under the pressure globalization, people must stay creative and always have new ideas or method to access to the always-new world. Now is the time…show more content…
Some certain disadvantages of globalization should be carefully considered. Those who harbor the view that globalization do have negative effects to our lives may argue that globalization ruins the environment. With the process of high developed economy, many firms and companies try to pursuit profit but pay no attention to the impact on environment. Global warming is obviously a major problem that our world has to confront. According to many activists, globalization has led to an increase in the productions and consumption of products which in turn put higher pressure on the environment and cycle of ecology. The amount of fuel consumed in transporting and transferring products has resulted in environmental pollution. Moreover, it may also lead to several other environmental involvement such as noise pollution and landscape destruction. Meanwhile, the huge number of waste and emissions from manufacturing released to soil land, air and water is really a big concern. Let us take an example in Vietnam the last few months. Discharge of Formosa toxic waste has been ruining the marine life in Vietnam causing mass fish death and severe damages for thousands of people in the Middle of…show more content…
Moreover, many physical and psychological problems have been raised, not to mention the trend of immigration which results in severe brain drain problems. Globalization allows people to see, hear and experience different cultural features that were never easy to access previously. Consequently, many cultural identities have been spread widely that they are no longer unique and cannot represent for their specific areas. In addition, fast pace of industrialization could lead to fierce competitions among people, countries and regions. People have to find the solution to survive in the modern and high-speed world and they may trap into stress and other psychological problems. It is increasingly common that many educated or professional people leave a particular place or profession and move to another one that provides them better pay or living conditions. Consequently, a country could lose a huge number of high skilled labor, there by impacting on the development of the country

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