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INTRODUCTION RESEARCH QUESTION How has globalization influenced the cultural identity of black South African women age 18- 25 years in the 21st century? AIM • To determine whether globalization dilutes the cultural authenticity of black South African women. It will further investigate whether the importance of cultural identity is being replaced by the need of conforming to modern western culture. • To determine whether analyze the culture, appearance and social standing to see whether or not the women comply to cultural traditions • To determine what factors contribute to African women are neglecting their culture • To determine whether the decline in cultural values has an impact on ones identity and personal development. • To determine whether cultural authenticity and originality is being lost because of the emergence of the global culture BACKGROUND Globalization has always influenced the world socially, economically and financially. It is stated that globalization empowers various cultures and allows self-representation. (Gibson :2007) It is also known for connecting the world and is a platform for communication and a medium for enlightenment. Globalization enables the world to communicate their ideologies on life and is a platform for international interaction. The setback of globalization is that it reduces individualism and cultural identity. People tend to integrate social world views and western culture ideologies that they tend to forget about their origin
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