Globalization: Reform In The United States

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Globalization Caleb Richards Government Mr.Hanners 12/15/2015 Caleb Richards Government Mr. Hanners 12/15/2015 Globalization Part A Globalization should be reformed because; it increases world oil prices, leads to balance or trade deficits, and globalization moves taxes from corporations onto citizens. Globalization should be reformed because it raises oil prices around the world. Since 2004 high oil prices are present, and its a problem because the supply of oil is at an all time low. By Oil prices rising and the shortage of oil, the supply of oil is virtually flat, which is why reforming globalization is a necessity. With United States currency as the reserve currency, globalization leads to US balance…show more content…
ATTAC campaigns to find social, economic, and democratic alternatives inside globalization process. ATTAC fights shows their support for anti globalization by hosting campaigns to reform the issue socially, environmentally, and by finding democratic alternatives. PGA host protest and brings migrant citizens rights organization and other civil societies to south africa to protest against globalization.The PGA supports anti-globalization by hosting protest to speak out against globalization. By bringing together different groups of people and organizations to speak out against globalization the PGA demonstrates their support for anti-globalization. The LPM host and participates in boycotts against preliminary elections. By boycotting the elections the LPM helps end globalization. The boycotts that the LPM participates in helps illustrate the organization 's support of anti-globalization and also seeks ways to reform globalization. Ultimately, the PGA, LPM, and ATTAC groups all show support for anti-globalization by campaigning, protest, and or seeking ways to reform…show more content…
Globalization has many negative effects in our world. The first problem with globalization is that international trade is exacerbating income inequalities between industrialized and nonindustrialized nations. Secondly, Global commerce is dominating the corps that want to maximize profits without a regard for the development of the country. Lastly, the countries involved with globalization lower their environmental standards in order to attract foreign business investments. In order to reform globalization, the government should change the ‘rules’ because they are unequal. The rules to globalization only benefit few countries rather than many. Secondly, change the amount of losers in globalization process. For example the income in the U.S increased 11% between 1999 and 2004, but the middle class purchase ability decreased 3%. Another way to reform globalization is for the government not demoralize other values for materialistic values. For example many corporations contribute to materialism by their worldwide advertising and also the crooked high profits to the social cost and
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