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Michael Pedreira Period 2 Globalization Pros of globalization Due to globalization, people around the world are becoming more connected. There is better money flow and information is more available to the people around the world. Other than quicker communication, high quality products are becoming available to different parts of the world. Overall, experts believe that globalization is making the world a better place. Globalization has affected countries in numerous ways; Socially, economically, and politically. The ways that globalization has done so is typically looked at it a harmful way. People have the idea in their head that globalization negatively impacts their surroundings and has the potential of creating conflict, but when looking…show more content…
Some experts say globalization is causing individual cultures to be overpowered by Americanization. Anthropologist Arjun Appadurai, a former University of Chicago professor states that globalization has caused not only the loss of characteristics in a culture but the whole culture itself. Culture is an area or unit that include the same belief, art, morals, law, knowledge and any other habits that were acquired through time. Now imagine, everything you knew, everybody you knew, and everything you believed in is being overrun by something new, something you've never heard of. You're kids are raised where their first language is different from yours making it difficult to communicate with your own children. This is what's happening with small cultures…show more content…
Recently terrorism has emerged as a big threat to developed countries through acts of violence by a group called ISIS. Terrorism hasn't just been prevalent today but in recent history groups such as the taliban's, Al qaeda, Shining path, and many more terrorist groups have succeeded in their attempts to cause harm to innocent people. When looking at exactly how much harm is being caused by these groups the numbers are increasing at a record pace. Since 2001 the number of fatalities has tripled in size, reaching over 15000 deaths and 30000 injuries. The reason globalization is causing terrorism, according to Omer Taspinar, a well known expert on countries in the middle east is that “Globalization creates an acute awareness about opportunities available elsewhere. This leads to frustration, victimization, and humiliation among growing cohorts of urbanized, undereducated, and unemployed Muslim youth who are able to make comparisons across

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