What Does Globalization Threaten Cultural Diversity

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Globalization Does Not Threaten Cultural Diversity

This essay states that globalization doesn 't threaten cultural diversity. Many mistake globalization as Americanization, but globalization is a process that involves the whole globe, not just one part of it. According to Giddens (1990) Globalization is the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring miles away and vice versa, which he mentions as a “dialectical process”. Globalization spreads cultures and products around the world, connects people from everywhere, also it is something that effects the world as a whole. With that said, it doesn’t actually threaten anything, rather it expands
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For one, not all American products get the better of things. Coke accounts for less then two of the 64 fluid ounces that the typical person drinks a day. In 2000 France only imported a small amount of $620 million dollars in food, while exporting three times that to America. Pizzas are more favored over burgers and Chinese restaurants can be found anywhere. Neither are all American products are as American as they seem. Levi’s Jeans are actually an American twist on a European hybrid. Levi Strauss was a German immigrant that invented jeans by combining denim cloth, which was traditionally woven in French, with Genes. In fashion, Germany’s Adidas, Britain’s Reebok, and Italy’s Fila sales are catching up to Nike shoes. And even though almost three-quarters of the television drama spread through out the world are from America, the popular shows that are in the country are usually local dramas. Also America isn’t the only ones that are big in the global media industry. There seven including Germany, French, and the Japanese. What they deal out advance from every quarter: Germany’s Bertelsmann publishes books written by American writers; America’s News Corporation broadcasts Asian news; Japan’s Sony sells Brazilian…show more content…
Western ideas renew how people everywhere see the world and who they are; they are becoming more open-minded in the way they view and define things. With everyone everywhere being affected and given more choices, we are given a bigger chance to define who we are and what we are on our own accord rather than letting someone else tell us what or who to be. As written by Mario Vargas Llosa: “Seeking to impose a cultural identity on a people is equivalent to locking them in a prison and denying them the most precious of liberties-that of choosing what, how, and who they want to

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