The Pros And Cons Of The WMW Protests

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The WMW began to see globalization as an opportunity to scale up their advocacy agenda to target multilateral political institutions such as the United Nations, IMF and World Bank. Globalization has indeed provided a platform where movements and CSOs have an advantage of influencing states at global level. However most movements and especially the WMW did not recognize this trend until much later on in the early 2000s. Gradually the movement began to adopt politics of scale where national political authorities were assigning to international institutions the responsibility for issues defined as global, such as trade, human right and their impacts in terms of poverty (Dufour & Giraud, 2007). I agree that with globalization created opportunities…show more content…
And this perhaps is one of the points that WMW protests when it comes to globalization of companies and yet a point of contention. It would appear in developing countries women will accept any form of labour as this helps to lessen the employment gap between men and women, although the exploitation of women is not right. On the other hand, with increased trade that comes with globalization of markets, imported goods often compete with the prices of domestic products, forcing domestic companies to cut labor costs; reduced wages or workforce. “In the developed countries, as plants relocate to sites elsewhere in search of cheaper costs of labor and production, jobs disappear and wages erode in the declining industrial sectors” Moghadam (1999). And while I agree that this one of the ills of globalization, I here subscribe to an altar-globalization, one that makes jobs available for women, jobs that pay fairly well in accordance progressive labour laws. It would seem that social globalization is something that feminists do not protest, as this is believed to create change in the perceptions and attitudes toward women, “and thus, the impact of social globalization on women’s rights is arguably stronger than that of economic globalization” Cho, (2013). I therefore support WMW protests against globalization to the extent that the movement prefers an alter-globalization and not necessarily

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