Globe Telecom Value Chain Analysis

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5.2 Marketing
a. Value-Chain Analysis
Figure 5.3
Value Chain of Globe Telecommunications Incorporated

Primary Activities Support Activities
Procurement, Technology and Systems Development
Human Resources Department
General Management

The value chain includes the primary activities and support activities. Primary activities are the company’s activities that transform inputs to outputs and then delivery. On the other hand, support activities are the activities that will support the primary activities of the firm.
Globe Telecom’s primary activities starts with the materials and supplies, which include sim cards. Without these sim cards, the mobile phones won’t be able to tap the network on which will it connect to. The critical components
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By having a happy workplace, it can lead the employees to deliver customer experience. The careers at Globe are a way to meet the company and individual goals by providing a systematic and clear career path through training, continuous learning and development programs that is available to every employee of different job level or expertise. Globe hires and recruits employees regardless of its age, gender, religion and ethnicity. Globe empowers newly hired employees to the company’s culture, values and ideals through case studies, experiential learning and fun activities to let them grow and have some knowledge about the company’s history, background, the business and industry, and employee processes. The managers and leaders of Globe have to go through workshop that will encourage them in participation and commitment to transform themselves for the benefit of the employees and the company. Globe focuses on future leaders through trainings. At Globe, the employees receive benefits, protections and recognitions such as leave and healthcare benefits, emergency loans, security and protections benefits and financial assistance. A more wonderful experience obtained by the regular employees when Globe launched a new program called mySUPER choice wherein regular employees can choose between laptops or iPads for their own tools for work. It is in the culture of Globe Telecom that…show more content…
Using technologies with the help of the production, operation and research and design makes these products and services. Globe Telecom offers a shift from a traditional pen-and-paper forms to app-based forms which is called Canvas that lets the business enterprises make customized forms for the use in dispatching and delivery service. Delivery efficiency is very important in any business. Globe Business’ Fleet Management System lets the companies monitor the location of the delivery and at the same time it can also help monitor the driving behavior of the drivers by using the installed devices, sensors and GPS. In terms of manufacturing processes, the company provides mobile Internet to their employees on field to serve the needs of the customers, decision makers and support groups. The employees on the field must have an easy access to the Internet for their reports and applications wherever they are and so to be able to engage in different activities that will deliver value to the company. The company uses Txt connect or SMS broadcasting to send important information to a large number of people so that customers will be able to monitor the products and services offered by the
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