Globe Theatre History

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The Globe Theatre was built in 1599, on the south bank of the London River Thames. The wood used for the theater was reused wood from an older theater.(1) The design of The Globe Theater was designed in a way that would make the performance unforgettable to the audience. The stage was in a donut shape with rows of seats and corridors that wrapped around the stage. The Globe Theatre had three rows of seats and could hold 3,000 spectators.(1) The Globe Theater just wasn 't famous for its massive size and shape. Some of the best plays ever performed were done in The Globe Theatre. One of The Globe Theatres inspirations was William Shakespeare, William was among some of the most famous play writers in his time period. William was also one of the…show more content…
The cost for a normal civilian to watch a open air play is one pennie, and then for two pennies you can get a nicer seat in the theater. The most expensive seating arrangement is the “Lord 's Room” which costed 6 pennies. That area was meant for the more wealthy people, that were willing to pay extra for a good seat.(2) Most theaters offered other things to buy while you were watching the play. People would come around trying to sell people food and drinks. The food could of instead of peanuts or ginger bread, most drinks were ale based.(2) The audience also had a big role in if the theater would be successful. People would go to the theaters that had the best plays, if a theater doesn 't show good play then that theater isn 't going to make any money. Theaters that show the best plays, will be successful and make money. The Globe Theater was one of the most popular theater of the time period, and people wanted to go to the Globe. The Globe Theater was so successful because of how popular it was, it brought big crowds every play. Some plays would be short and they would have to run it twice, because more people haven 't seen it and they are waiting to see it that
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