Glocalization, Globalization In Global Marketing

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STANDARDIZATION, ADAPTATION, GLOCALIZATION Global companies, around the world, are using different levels of standardization and adaptation in order to satisfy customer needs. Marketing executives in different countries try to analyze the local market needs and accordingly shape their marketing strategies. Recently, we are observing the “glocalization” (think global, act local) approach in global marketing which indicated the fact that not all market needs are the same and not all marketing strategies work for all markets. A brand is a promise. When you create expectations, you should be consistent. When a global brand is created, it is expected to deploy the same value all around the world. However, even if the product is the best product…show more content…
It is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company. Among its products are : food and beverages, personal care products, cleaning agents. Unilever owns over 400 brands, one of which is Knorr. Knorr is the leading food brand of Unilever family. It is a German owned brand operating under the roof of Unilever (since 2000) all around the world. Knorr has been in the Turkish market since 1978. Among its products are : stock pots, stock cubes, soup mixes, instant soups, bouillons. Knorr gives significant importance to the cultural environment when entering a new market. As a company operating in food industry, cultural differences play an important role while deciding on the marketing mix. The cultural environment consists of beliefs, values, customs, history, religion and language of a country. Eating&drinking habits and culinary culture differs among different countries, even in different regions of the same country. This affects the types of food products a group of consumers choses. Knorr analyzes these differences very well all around the globe by using its developed R&D…show more content…
In all of the countries Unilever offers Knorr soups, they give TV commercials which are mostly based on the idea that instant soups are the same as home cook mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes and we see images of a happy, healthy family meet at a table for a nutritious meal where everything is colorful and fresh (mostly targeting women and children). Knorr also gives informational advertisements on TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers an online. Knorr websites in all countries and in all languages are designed to convey the same brand image. When a new product is to be launched, they introduce it by using professional chefs in ads. They also put “recipe videos” online and on

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