Glocalization Of The Office

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The Office is a popular comedy television show that was originally broadcasted in the United Kingdom and then later made into an adaptation in several different countries. While the original British show only had two seasons and low ratings, the show became one of Britain’s top exports after ending. From Germany to Australia to the United States and France, The Office has been readapted as well as broadcasted in it’s original British form. The glocalization of a show, such as The Office, can be beneficial to both the native and adapted country or it can be seen as a failure in the adopted country, depending on its reception from viewers.
Television shows are one of the biggest forms of media that have been globalized and popularized around
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Throughout the changing landscapes of The Office from country to country, one concept has remained the same throughout each different adaptation. Filming the show as a form of “mockumentary,” is perhaps the most important factor when replicating the show. Fictional programs that adopt the cinéma vérité form of documentaries do so to highlight their intended humor or social critique through simulated presentation of reality. This way of filming allows viewers to see the humour in the scenes and to feel as though what they are watching is reality instead of fiction. While glocalization may be seen as a way for a country to change other countries television shows to fit their culture, the adaptations can lead viewers to want to view the original. In this sense glocalization lends itself to the idea of heterogenization, the adoption of elements of global culture to local cultures. The spreading of the local shows as well as the original show allows for cultures and countries to see how they differ and are similar to…show more content…
The spreading of a country 's culture and original television show may be good enough for some people, what companies gain from glocalization of television shows is the maximization of profit. Countries in different countries, such as Germany and the United States, had to pay for rights in order to create their own versions of The Office. This essentially allowed for the creators of The Office and all involved in it’s production were able to make more money after the show went off the air than ever imagined. The United States version was the most profitable adaptation of the show and the creators and actors from the British version actually helped produce the United States adaptation. The United States adaptation of The Office remains to be the most popular glocalized television show from any other country. The way in which The Office has adapted to the institutional context, culture and humor of the United States, after its success as a British sitcom, illustrates that national identity is a vital part of the global television format trade. With the promising actors, funny storylines, and dialogue on the United States version that differs from the British version, the United States version was bound to be a
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