Glorfindel's POV Character Analysis

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Glorfindel’s POV ‘I fear my strength does not lie in music. As Ecthelion told me, I must relax my fingers, and strengthen them. I hope that within two months I will be able to play it well enough to show Hwa-Young. This way...I think I can help her grief. She has a grief that has been stabbing her heart for a long time. I do not know what it is, but I know that this song will help her.....and I hope the Válar will be kind enough to help me when I play it for her. Two Months Later (Aldúya, Day of the Two Trees. Ringarë (December), Time of Winter, First Age 461) Laura’s POV ‘The moment has come at last. I’m sick of these Elves! Every day I must bite my tongue, so I don 't tell them what I think of them all! The only one I speak to is Maeglin. He may not be a friend: I 've never a friend except Remmy, but I can engage in a conversation with Maeglin without having to deal with that egotism the other Elf-Lords possess. As for Blondie? I don 't care anymore ... in fact, not even Turgon interests me. All I 'm interested in is leaving, and if I have to kill Elves in…show more content…
“Hwa-Young!” he called again “We all have a right to a second to show who we truly are. Those are not my words, but those of Maeglin 's, and yours, which shows that both you and he have seen what I am blind too." He paused. "I accept that I behaved like a child, as you said. I just beg you to understand my position. I helped build this City, not only the walls but the people. I swore I would protect it and all therein with my life. s. But now, I ask you, appealing to you with your own argument, that you give me a chance to show who I truly am." He stopped, unsure of what to say, but his fëa guided him. "Hwa-Young, I know you feel alone, misunderstood and hopeless. I also lost my family, not long ago......but I found that all is not lost and that there is always hope. Give us a second chance, give me a second chance, give yourself a second chance." he
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