Gloria Anzaldúa Analysis

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Gloria Anzaldúa: Differences Aren’t Barriers: As an activist, Chicana, and lesbian, Gloria Anzaldúa bring a interesting point of view to the conversation on Feminism. If not already ready hard to be colored in America, could you imagine having other identities that aren’t accepted? Yes, through In Borderland: La Frontera The New Mestiza, Anzaldúa questioned the idea of borderlands creating obstacles in people’s lives. However, through the idea of the “New Mestiza” one can defy the binary categories that society has placed in us. By emerging beyond limits that society tries to place on you, one will be able to be the voices of people that have no voice. Not in the way for speaking for them, but in the way of understanding and bringing their…show more content…
The participant believed in the idea that we must examine our borders and what society believes to be acceptable. Therefore, through this analyzes we must be in solidarity with our women partners rather than against them. We might not be able to speak of their experiences, but we can be understanding of their feelings. The first participant argues that “unless you are a cisgender wealthy White Christian male, you have felt oppression, but maybe unaware because one has been realized to believe they have power and are not oppressed or they refuse to believe they have been oppressed because it all of a sudden becomes an indictment on them as a person, which is false (Interview 1).” Through social constructs and society, women are seen as inferior and men hating. However, by understanding sexism in, which makes a person teaches sexism without reproducing sexism, one is able to shift the cultural attitude present and push towards greater autonomy. During the second interview, the participant shared key elements in how men can join and be a part of the feminist movement. As a black male, the participants believed that,” Participation in movements, and having more men participate openly in events considered female. Reduce women based events, and have joint events with a focus on bringing the genders together (Interview 2).” Only through society, have people have been divided and placed on…show more content…
They believe it is a mans job to help end sexism in society. Even though, they might not be apart of the negative intentions or sexist actions, they must stand up for the women and parts of society that have no voice or struggling to be heard. As marginalized groups in society, they both are aware of the unequal benefits of life of the class and race standpoints. According to Angela Davis in Women, Race, and Class, “We are still faced with the challenge of understanding the complex ways that race, class, gender, sexuality, nation and ability are intertwined—but also how we move beyond these categories to understand the interrelationships of ideas and processes that seem to be separate and unrelated (Davis , pg. 30).” Therefore, a absence of males in the feminist movement would lead to a collapse in the inclusiveness of the movement. The movement stands by the points of freedom and equality for all people. To deny this right to men of marginalized identities would be a impediment to autonomy. Oppressed people are always the ones beginning the fight. Should the oppressors be involved? Yes, but only if they are willing to have their privilege and oppressor status disrupted and dismantled to advance justice for
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