Gloria Anzaldua's Argumentative Essay

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The Untamed Will Strive It’s an unnerving reality that your language can cause such a state of confusion and systematic discrimination even from the people that use it. This is a truth of the world that Gloria Anzaldua shares from her own real life. Occurrences that show how one must not be ashamed by the way he/she speaks or by how others may perceive that person just based on language. Anzaldua exclaims that our language should be taken as what shows the world who we are. The Rio Grande Valley, the birth place of Anzaldua, is not as culturally diverse as any other place in the United States that is only populated by two languages: English and Spanish. But Anzaldua gives us a look into the way the Mexican-American or Hispanic community looks at this misconception by stating there are a vast array of languages other than just the main two heavy hitting ones. They all vary in how they came to be, where they can be traced from, why they were made, and the overall significance of all of them. This is why Anzaldua puts these eight different “languages” to show that not all Spanish speakers speak…show more content…
Throughout her essay Arizaldua would state many aspects of the Chicano life that made their identity clearer not only to the vast Anglo majority, but to its own people. As stated when Ceaser Chavez stood up for migrant farmers in Texas many tejanos had no idea that they could be represented as a large identity; Anzaldua shares, “we became aware…and acquired a name and a language”. No longer where they just Mexicans or Mexican-Americans they could be known as Razas a version of a Chicano they is based in Texas. “We had a name…what we were, how we had evolved”, Anzaldua adds. But of course many still had trouble of figuring out who they truly were. If they were not accepted by the English speaking Anglos or the pure Spanish of the Mexicans; where would they
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