Gloria Jean's Coffees Case Study

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BSBRSK501B Manage Risk Assessment: 2 Written Report Gloria Jean’s Coffees: Risk Management Plan 1.0 Introduction Risk management is imperative to maintain the safety and orderliness of a workplace and safeguard the welfare of employees. This makes it necessary for a company to develop a risk management plan that will serve as a guide not only for the project managers but also for the employees to follow and mitigate risks in workplaces. The purpose of this report is to develop a risk management plan for Gloria Jean’s Coffees, an Australian company. The risk management plan seeks to determine the risks that are present in its coffee houses to develop risk controlling methodologies and action plan that will help the company improve risk management strategies. 2.0 Current situation of organisation Gloria Jean 's Coffees owns about 400 coffee houses across the country. Founded by the Australian businessman, Nabi Saleh, the company now operates its 400 coffee houses in 39 markets in Australian and overseas (Gloria Jean’s Coffees International Pty Ltd. 2015). 2.1 Strategies The company applies a corporate strategy in managing the activities of it worldwide business. Its application of a corporate strategy enabled it to expand in 39 markets, for it was able to study these markets and operate business in consideration of the needs of consumers. 2.2 Business practices Gloria Jean’s Coffee has established partnership with different organisations to help provide

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