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The interviewee Gloria Nipping, is from Church, she’s always gone to 5pm mass on Saturdays ever since I can remember. Her husband Lou, goes fishing with my dad occasionally and so we are in constant contact with each other.
Gloria was born in New Orleans, she lived 40 miles out of New Orleans in a small town, and her parish was Saint Charles, parishes were named after different saints. Gloria went to elementary school in a little town, it was a two room school with two teachers and each teacher had four classes, it was segregated. Gloria stated, “I was in a time when things were segregated.” No lunches were provided, her parents had to bring her lunch. She was pretty active in sports, went to Hahnville high school 8 miles from where she lived, the buses were also segregated but new schools were built for George Washington, she didn’t go to school with white kids. Graduated from high school in 1955. After that she couldn’t get any jobs, so her mom paid to get public bus transportation, it was a private bus, but that was segregated too, Gloria went to New Orleans to get typing classes. She had nine siblings, parents only had elementary education, and her mom did a lot of sowing for white people and did all our clothes.

What is your Ethnicity?
I would consider myself African American but people call us Creole, I am
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For once I wish I can wake up in the morning and everyone is loving each other instead of all this fighting and killing. I look at all those kids and homeless trying to get to another country because there country isn’t doing so well. But I wish everyone would get along. But when you read the bible then you see how it was. There are things that I don’t approve of but I don’t have any objections that that’s there life if that’s the way they want to live so be
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