Gloria Play Analysis

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In the play, Gloria, I will be playing as Dean, a white man who is in his late twenties. In the scene I am sitting near the window with Lok Yiu inside an empty Starbucks located in the West Midtown of Manhattan. The scene takes place in the winter of 2011, as for the time, it is currently afternoon. Lok Yiu and I are finally meeting up after eight months after the Gloria incident that occurred at our workplace. Now after the incident, Lok Yiu is trying to write about what happened at the workplace even though she was not involved. So I have drafted a non-disclosure agreement that I want Lok Yiu to sign so she does not write about my experience. That being said, my objective is to get Lok Yiu to sign the agreement I drafted up. It is important…show more content…
He worked alongside with Kendra, Ani, Gloria and an internee named Miles. One day, Dean arrived to work hungover from Gloria’s housewarming party that she hosted last night. He was the only one from her coworkers who actually attended that night since everyone else thinks she’s a maniac. The rest of the day went as normal, but Gloria who arrived to work late was acting a bit strange. Little did they know that she was bearing a weapon which she ended up using. Killing Miles, Ani and other workers in the building. Gloria then went onto shooting herself in the head, sparing Dean’s life because he was always nice to Gloria. As for Kendra, she survived since she was outside at Starbucks. Now eight months later, Kendra and Dean decide to meet up at Starbuck to talk about the so called Gloria incident and their current aspirations. Dean overheard that Kendra was going to write about him in a book she is planning to write based off the incident. So Dean drafted up a non-disclosure agreement to limit what Kendra can write about him. Dean believes that she does not have the right to write about it because she was not inside the building at the time. But Kendra refuses, and tries explain to Dean that she can write whatever she wants. The overall play has a dark and betrayal feel to it. The dark comes from the beginning of the play where mayhem takes place at the workplace because of hate between
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