Gloria Skurzynski's Background To Writing 'Nethergrave'

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Gloria Skurzynski’s background to writing “Nethergrave” was because of science fiction. Gloria says, “In fantasy, the cause is magic. In science fiction, the role of magic is replaced by advanced technology.”
Ray Bradbury’s background to writing “A Sound of Thunder” was time travel. When H.G Wells published “The Time Machine” it had imagination. Ray says, “Wells wrote his now-famous book, the idea of time travel – to both the past and future – has captured the popular imagination.” In “Nethergrave” there is a boy named Jeremy who gets picked on at school, and he doesn’t have any other friends than the three people he met online. Jeremy’s father left about twelve years ago, and his mother is always busy with a client. Every year for Jeremys …show more content…

While they were time traveling everyone was told to stay on the given path, and not to shoot the animal until told to. They were told this by the safari leader Travis. Travis told them this because if they kill anything or step in the dirt it could change the future. Once everyone was at the location they had to wait for Travis to give them the ok to shoot. When the tyrannosaurus rex started to get into view Eckels started to freak out, and was told to go back to the time machine. When the other men started shooting their guns in the distance Eckels thought it sounded like thunder. As Eckels was walking back to the time machine he went off the marked path. When everybody was back at the machine Travis was furious at Eckels. Lesperance the assistant noticed Eckels shoes had dirt on them, which made Travis even more mad. At this point Travis was ready to leave Eckels behind. When they all got back home there was a different president of the United States, and all the words were spelled and spaced differently. Eckels was so upset, he looked down at his shoes to see a dead butterfly in the

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