Gloria Steinem: The Story Of Women's Struggle For Equality

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Women became part of everyone 's lives since the beginning. It was written in the book of Genesis that a woman was reated after man which gives the idea to the people that women are inferior than men. According to Gloria Steinem (n.d.), "The story of women 's struggles for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." Women have been in the batle for equality, for years. Until they succeeded and International Women 's Day was observed since March 8 in the early of 1900 's (par. 1). With these evidences in the history, people 's perceptions of women 's value really changes over time. But others still see this subject as a disputable one. These changes from people 's perspectives were evident from the time of Pre-hispanic era where women were classified as equal as men, until their value were degraded in the regime of the spaniards and up to the point that they…show more content…
Appreciation of women 's value was never been consistent. Once, it was in its peak. Then suddenly, a colonizer took it, but women regained it. Their value in the eyes of the people changes due time. Since the beginning of time, women really became an essential person in the community. She once lead, direct, and decide. But things fell apart. The woman that was being look up became a slave and a prisoner of her own husband. She was handcuffed by the Spaniards. Limited rights and freedom was given to her. Due to the regime of Spaniards here in the Philippines, women 's role in the society changes and the people 's thinking about women varies. It was hard for woman to regain her poise and composure. But, she won. She took back her glory. And now, women are being look up again in different aspects of the society. There are women leaders, entertainers, athletes, and professionals. Who would have thought that afer several fights for their freedom and rights, they were back? Women are women. They still have the
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