Gloria Steinem Women's Rights Movement

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A political activist and feminist organizer, Gloria Steinem has and continues to overcome controversial issues concerning women in politics, women in the workforce, and women at home by speaking out through speech, articles, essays making her a household name that will be remembered for her achievements that changed society and lead it towards an era of equality for all. STRUGGLING CHILDHOOD Gloria Steinem’s childhood was a wandering affair. Her father, Leo, was originally a resort owner and her mother, Ruth, a newspaper reporter. Her mother abandoned her profession to follow her husband to Michigan. After tending to the resort during the summers, the family sent the rest of the year traveling the country. Gloria got her education solely…show more content…
Ms. Magazine, the first american liberal feminist magazine co-founded by second-wave feminists, Gloria Steinem and her partner, Dorothy Pitman Hughes, along with other magazines created by Gloria Steinem, supplied a way for her to fight for equality by speaking out against gender roles and the oppression of women in society. WOMEN IN POLITICS Gloria Steinem was very strong about women in politics. Ms.Steinem decided to take action into her own hands and helped co-found the National Women’s Political Caucus. The NWPC is focused on recruiting, training, and supporting women who seek elected and appointed offices. She also helped create New York magazine and wrote columns on politics for them. WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE Steinem was very adamant and passionate about women being recognized in the workforce and not just at home. She launched the Ms. magazine which tackled many controversial topics such as abortion, domestic violence, etc. It became the first magazine to be founded and ran by all women. Gloria also went undercover as a bunny at a New York City Playboy club to reveal the hardships that the bunnies went through such as buying their own outfits, not being allowed to date certain key-holders, and the dressers were always trying to make the bunnies cleavage appear bigger for the…show more content…
Steinem broke through many barriers and continues to do that today. She has written many books that spoke out about feminism and equal opportunity, including Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1983), Revolution From Within (1992), and Wonder Woman (1995). She continues to speak out but now also for gays, minorities, etc. In 1993, Gloria created “Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” an educational program to inspire young women and girls, give them a voice, and also a presence in the workplace. As a journalist, she took on challenging and controversial topics that many were afraid to write about. She went to rallies and spoke out about equal opportunity for women. The books she wrote spoke out about feminism values. She was an icon for the women who felt like they had no voice. Steinem set a new standard for women in our
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