Gloria Steinem's Our Revolution Has Just Begun

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In Gloria Steinem’s, “Our Revolution Has Just Begun,” Steinem addresses many different aspects of feminism, including the myths surrounding it and the hard evidence of sexism in the world today. This is closely linked to standpoint theory, defined as “different social and historical situations give rise to very different group and individual experiences and theories about those experiences” (WL, G-6). Steinem offers many valid criticisms of modern society and the stereotypes and myths surrounding feminism and women’s culture. For instance, she offers two main stereotypes that are common misconceptions of feminism today. The first stereotype is that feminism is only for white women of the middle class, and the second is that the feminist era…show more content…
Steinem mentioned that “’women’s issues’ are mysteriously separated from ‘economic issues’”, and that they are rarely seen as something that goes hand in hand (S, 28). How this relates to standpoint theory is again going on the basis that men see things through a lens that projects the two main ideas as two separate things. Steinem dives into the economic standpoint that if there was equal pay, women would spend more in the US economy and support it instead of “put their money into a Swiss bank account” (S, 28). She also opens up a new case that the idea of work and it’s definition need to be redefined. As a society, being a caretaker for another human being not under an institution is not described as work (S, 28). However, being a care taker is often as taxing as working a regular job and it would be of economic interest because it is less expensive than paid caregiving (S, 28). Seen through standpoint theory, since caretaking has primarily been seen as a woman’s job, the issue has not been seen from an economic standpoint, and is often dismissed as irrelevant because to the majority caretaking is just something women do, when in reality it could have a large effect in bettering the US

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