Gloria Whelan's Homeless Bird

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Devastation of Sanctity in Cultural Institutions: A Thematic Study of Whelan’s Homeless Bird ABSTRACT The paper makes an attempt to expose the gruesome reality of annihilation of sanctity in cultural institutions such as marriage, education and religion through Gloria Whelan’s novel Homeless Bird. These institutions crush women’s individuality and drive them to a subservient status rather than provide security to them. They intensify sufferings to women instead of ensuring happiness to them. Whelan represents women’s predicament as a widow through the character Koly. Koly, being a girl, is prevented from getting educated and has been given to a sick boy in the name of marriage. After becoming a widow, she undergoes many misfortunes which indeed…show more content…
So, their blind faith and age old superstition have stood against the female education. Now, people have started realising the value of female education. They do not hesitate to send their daughters to schools. Now in India one can find women professors, lady doctors, lady scientists, lady politicians and lady ministers. But a large number of women are still in dark as it is seen in Homeless Bird. Women in the novel are deprived of the institution of education. The society is so biased that it appreciates education for men and not for women. Only Koly is not allowed to go to school. Her brothers go to the boys’ school in their village. Though there is a school for girls in the village, Koly is not allowed to go there. She has even begged her mother to send her to school. But her mother, instead of encouraging her, discourages her saying that school is a waste for girls. Koly is very eager to get education. She even hides herself under the windows of the school to listen to the students saying their lessons aloud. She even begs her brothers to teach her. But “When I begged them to teach me the secrets, they laughed at me” (3). It shows education for women is a laughing stock in some of the sections of Indian society. On the other side, her brothers feel that education is more like sitting in a hot school room all day than learning something
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