Glorify God Analysis

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PATIENCE: THE WAY TO COMBAT ANGER Chad Hobbs GENE 150: The True, Good, & Beautiful 3/10/2018 Anger: The deadly vice When somebody thinks of wrath, they think of destruction, or of the wrath of their parents finding out that they snuck out of the house at 2 a.m. on a school night and having to listen to the father screaming, or being punished because of his wrath. They may even think of the devastation that was caused by the hurricanes, or the wildfires, or even the school shootings. Instead of taking revenge, or getting angry with someone, we can learn to combat that wrath, or anger, with patience and forgiveness. We can see, even, where anger can be used to glorify God and be used for good. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used his anger of racial injustice for good. Dr. King…show more content…
If we go to war, we must have a legitimate reason, such as “protecting innocent human life against an aggressor.” Whatever we do, we should do to glorify God. “God created the world according to His will and design, and deemed it ‘good’” He created the world perfect and without sin, however, the world changed when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve into eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. Thus sin was born. Anger is connected to our own narcissism. “When it comes to injuries and insults to our honor, anger ‘takes it personally.’” We get mad and defensive when someone tries to put us down, or tries to hurt us, or tries to anger us. It can be tough not to get angry and go into a fit of rage, but we need to turn towards Him. As the late Billy Graham wrote, “Though we lift our voices and cry out for help, still we deliberately choose—as Adam did—the wrong way.” We are all created in Him image, and, “like the reflection in a cracked and fading mirror, the likeness nevertheless remains.” The Devil “will often arouse all the worst passions of our nature and drive them into unruly riot.” C. Peter
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