Glory And Dances With Wolves Analysis

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Glory vs Dances with Wolves
What if there were no emotional or character developments in Glory and Dances with Wolves? Throughout the movie Glory and Dances with Wolves, a lot of major character and emotional developments occur. Characters that are deeply hurt, broken and were able to change because of another person or event. The way the movies show events in very good details are very good and excellent. Comparing and contrasting characters and the movies itself is difficult.

Private Trip in Glory himself is very non open and broken. Acting tough and thinking he's better then everyone in the 54th Massachusetts. In the beginning of the movie his emotions are very powerful, him bullying others and making fun of Thomas for growing up as a freeman and living with white people like Colonel Robert and Major Cobot. He is the only one that speaks his mind about slavery and the war. His actions got him in trouble for running away from his camp, though he was only looking for shoes. Everyone sees his scars of whips on his back from his slave days.
His emotions while getting whipped are silent in the outside but loud in the inside. Him not making a single face but just letting tears run his face tell everything, that his is very strong emotionally around people but weak alone. He starts to change after Maj hits him and talks to him
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The places where the movie took place in South Dakota this cause you're very beautiful queen and the sound of nature was really visual to the watchers if they were there at the time. As the movie went the sound in the movie and in the scenes matched with whatever what was happening in that scene. The choosing of the characters was really good, the characters really felt like they were part of that culture, they really showed expression to what was happening around them. The sound of the movie got the watcher to feel and hear as if the movie was happening right there and
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