Glory And Hope And Nelson Mandela's Speech

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‘I have a Dream’ and ‘Glory & Hope’ are two extraordinary speeches said by two great men at desperate times of need. At days with racial injustice, where color was power, these two men stood up against these pernicious acts to serve what was right. Dr. Martin Luther King had delivered his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1953 during the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. ‘Glory & Hope’ was delivered by Nelson Mandela in 1994, after The Apartheid in South Africa ended. With both their speeches having the same objective, with similar ideas and at some points different aspects in which they supported their ideologies of peace, freedom, justice and equality. As both freedom Fighters had a same idea towards racial injustice, there are many similarities in both speeches. Firstly, both men thought that freedom was not easy to attain. They thought that the road to freedom contained many obstacles like hardship, sacrifices, and imprisonment. Secondly, both speeches contain metaphorical references mostly everywhere. For example: Martin Luther King takes the Negro’s injustice like a sweltering heat in the summer and compared justice and equality would come one day as a cool autumn breeze. In Mandela’s speech we can see a metaphor in this quote: ‘We are both humbled and elevated by the honor and privilege that you , the people of South Africa , have bestowed on us, as the first president of the united, democratic, non-racial, nonsexist South Africa, to lead out our country out of the

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